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Greg's Famous

#467 Mood Ring

#467 Mood Ring

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Balanced and naturally-derived sweetness provides a beautiful canvas for the deep and rich colors of blackberries and blue spirulina to swirl, with sweet & single-origin spices keeping their end of the bargain for a seriously scintillating Jerk sauce. A flower bomb for your curry & rice. 

Suggested pairings: Caribbean cuisine, chili, fries, bean pies

6.7/10 heat

filtered water, sugarcane vinegar, Gruber Farms blackberries, Regenerate (Blackshear, GA) blueberry juice, champagne vinegar, Thai coconut pulp, Gannon Organics purple carrots & blackberries, sea salt,  Ivanhoe Organics (Bocas del Toro, PAN) sea moss, apple cider vinegar, Billy’s Botanicals green onion,  edible flower mix, purple bell pepper, shiso & marjoram, Wild Light swamp honey,  Savannah Hydroponic white ghost peppers, West Maquoit Vinegar Works Fruit & Flower Vinegar  (Maine Local strawberries, rhubarb, peaches, raspberries, apples, pears, blueberries, nasturtium,  rose, calendula, basil, dill, sage, lemon marigold, yarrow, chive, and hyssop flowers),  Ellie’s Best blue spirulina, Ogeechee River Garden ginger, Greg’s Own viper peppers,  Olly’s buena mulatta peppers, Burlap & Barrel sweet allspice, Caribbean bay leaf,  cinnamon verum, & smoked black cardamom, Diaspora Co. Kandyan cloves & Anamalai mace,  Mallory O’Donnell’s sassafras filé

5 fl oz/150 mL

Best by 03/31/2025

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