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#451 The Sting

#451 The Sting

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Eldritch components reign in unholy terror on your tastebuds here, sneaking up from behind and sustaining in a way that will have you question any questions you may have of: The Sting!

Suggested pairings: seafood pasta, oysters, lobster Mac n cheese

9.99999/10 heat


artesian water, apple cider vinegar, Savannah Hydroponics fatalii peppers & death spiral peppers, Ogeechee River Garden serrano peppers, Swampy Appleseed oyster & lion’s mane mushrooms, sea salt, Flavors by Bhumi buddha’s hand citron, Ivanhoe Organics sea moss (Bocas del Toro, Panama), blood orange juice, Stella Ruth “Damn Hot!” infused cooking oil (sunflower oil infused with habanero, chili flake, Carolina reaper, garlic, fresh herbs, & onion), black rock salt, SAV Local mulberry vinegar, tamarind concentrate (water, tamarind), dried stingray, Billy’s Botanicals salad burnett, Taiwan squid ink, Eden Seaweed Gomasio (organic sesame seed, sea salt, organic dulse, nori, & kombu), Wild Light honey infused with Seminalia pinyan pine cone, PET PET Tingly Togarashi (red chili, sesame seed, Szechuan peppercorn, salt, ginger, seaweed, orange peel, & Thai chili), Diaspora Co. Sivathei chile pepper & Bindu black mustard seed, Wade Made Ferments “Kitchen Sink Salt” (spice & salt blend), black truffle ‘raisins’ & koji cured candy cap mushrooms, Mallory O’Donnell’s “Turtle Island Za’atar” (foraged spice blend) & elderberry

5 fl oz. Best by 03/11/2025

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