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#466 Maria Makiling

#466 Maria Makiling

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Rich and herbaceous, this sultry expression of summer abundance is named for the guardian spirit of Mount Makiling in Laguna, Philippines. We do our best to honor her with a graceful and complex sauce featuring pickled field beans, ginger lemongrass IPA vinegar, juicy local cucumbers, and a bouquet of herbs, among many other inputs and intentions.

Suggested pairings: chicken & rice, sandwiches, lechon kawali

6/10 heat


ume plum vinegar, Billy’s Botanicals Japanese cucumbers, field beans, pole beans, pepperoncini peppers,  lettuce leaf basil, pineapple mint, green bell peppers, & cilantro, SAV Local poona kheera cucumbers, sea salt, filtered water, Gruber Farms green cayenne peppers, Ogeechee River Garden aji verde (green peppers), ginger & lemongrass, Filipino Forager green habanero peppers, Datu Puti spiced coconut (tuba) vinegar  (coconut vinegar, chiles, iodized salt, onion, ginger, sugar, garlic, monosodium glutamate & black pepper),  dracontomelon juice (water, sugar, dracontomelon), Wild Light swamp honey, Thai chili peppers,  West Maquoit Vinegar Works Ginger Lemongrass IPA Vinegar, galangal, extra-hot Thai chili powder,  calamansi juice, Wade Made Ferments Kasundi Salt (turmeric, sumac, chili peppers, ginger, mustard seed, ramps, garlic, magnolia petal, spicebush, wild rose, sea salt), pandan leaf, Dragonfly Creek elephant garlic, Viridescence Candy Co. wild garlic salt, Mallory O’Donnell’s wild curry (foraged and cultivated spices)

5 fl oz/150 mL

Best by 06/10/2025

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