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#464 Cornballer 6: Sudor del Diablo

#464 Cornballer 6: Sudor del Diablo

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Serious heat bursting with bright and smokey flavors, Carolina Reapers tango again with sweetcorn, deepened up with a bit of black sweetcorn! Overproof mezcal & corn liqueur amp up the heat, with subtle and well-rounded spices to pair with everything.

Suggested pairings: empanadas, quesadillas, and much more!

9/10 heat

filtered water, FL grapefruit juice, rice vinegar, lime juice, apple cider vinegar,  organic USA early golden apricots, organic sweet corn, black sweet corn, sea salt,  Nixta Licor de Elote (corn liqueur), TART Golden Vinegar (ginger, citrus, & foraged nettle vinegar),  Tamarind Concentrate (80% tamarind, 20% water), Xicaru Silver 102° Mezcal,  J&S Spice Co. dried Carolina reaper peppers, M. Bond’s chanterelle mushrooms,  Wild Light sourwood honey, Eden Selected Umeboshi Paste (ume plum, sea salt, shiso leaf),  hibiscus flower, Ivanhoe Organics (Bocas del Toro, PAN) sea moss, Yakima applewood smoked salt,  Wade Made Ferments blood orange salt & dry aged truffle mix with koji ‘flour’,  Rock the Food Ghost Pepper Seasoning (sea salt, paprika, birds eye chili flake, sugar,  smoked chili flake, garlic, onion, Ghost chili flakes, silicon dioxide, lemon juice powder [maltodextrin, lemon juice], paprika oleoresin), Mallory O’Donnell’s roasted jalapeno dust, Rumi wild black cumin

5 fl oz/150 mL

Best by 05/31/2025

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