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#444 Mana Boost

#444 Mana Boost

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A rush of richness subsides to a pop of heat, with more than meets the eye, unveiling as you cultivate an apprenticeship with the bold, blue flame of fury. Re-enforce your aura with spectral mystery and power.

Suggested pairings: fish tacos, Caribbean cuisine, grilled food

8/10 heat

reverse-osmosis filtered water, Savannah Hydroponic white ghost peppers, apple cider vinegar, coconut water, dragon fruit (pittaya), SAV Local green reaper peppers, Maryland white ghost peppers, Florida pineberries (strawberries), sea salt, Sour Flower Vinegar jaboticaba vinegar, Ellie’s Best blue spirulina, organic limequats, Ivanhoe Organics sea moss (Bocas del Toro, PAN), smoked salt, butterfly pea flower (infused), Wild Light sourwood honey, Mallory O’Donnell’s bayberry leaf, Burlap & Barrel sweet allspice, smoked cardamom, & cinnamon verum, Diaspora Co. Nandini coriander, Kandyan cloves, & Sugandhi fenugreek, South Carolina lavender, Wade Made Ferments spicebush berries

5 fl oz. Best by 02/22/2025

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