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#443 Lido Shrimp (Bon Temps Remix)

#443 Lido Shrimp (Bon Temps Remix)

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Made for Sea Wolf Tybee and featured on Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives!

Fan favorite and delegate sauce of flavortown, this is a good time that just keeps going ! Bold and full-bodied is just the start of it, and this edition pulls no punches - bringing to the party foraged and meaningful flavors in the front seat !

Suggested pairings: beans & rice, po' boys, etoufee

7/10 heat

ALLERGY NOTICE: CONTAINS NUTS (CASHEWS) & SHELLFISH (SHRIMP) apple cider vinegar, reverse-osmosis filtered water, Savannah Hydroponic aji dulce (sweet peppers), habanero peppers, Ogeechee River Garden ghost & reaper peppers, coconut pulp, sea salt, tangerine juice, Olly’s ghost & lemon spice peppers, Good Graham cashew butter (cashews), Ivanhoe Organics sea moss (Bocas del Toro, PAN), lemon juice, Lousiana shrimp powder, Brundo Spice Co. Berbere blend (Ethiopian chili peppers, Sacred basil, Ethiopian cardamom, rue, fenugreek, ginger, garlic, honey, nigella seed, black pepper, & salt), Mallory O’Donnell’s sassafras filé, Billy’s Botanicals bay leaf

5 fl oz. Best by 02/25/2025

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