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Greg's Famous

#442 Hot Date

#442 Hot Date

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Just because it's mild doesn't mean this sultry little number won't heat things up, just in time for Valentine's Day! Luxurious and subtle, charismatic and alluring, while still appropriate enough for you to bring home to meet the family! 

Suggested pairings: oysters, clam linguini, eggs

2/10 heat

Gannon Organics Calabrian chili peppers, Greg’s Own muscadine wine, apple cider vinegar, California cocktail grapefruit juice, red wine vinegar, shallots, sea salt, reverse-osmosis filtered water, Southern Brothers black pearl oyster mushrooms, Joseph Fields Farm blackberries, Savannah Hydroponic Brazilian starfish peppers, Sour Flower Vinegar Indian Roses (loquat vinegar, rose petal), Stella Ruth “Damn Hot!” infused cooking oil (sunflower oil infused with habanero, chili flake, Carolina reaper, garlic, fresh herbs, & onion), Greg’s Own x Seminalia Burgundy truffle-infused salt, Greg’s Own caviar lime kosho (Savannah Citrus caviar limes, kosher salt, Sour Flower lychee-lavender vinegar, Greg’s chocolate viper pepper, & SOS Chefs Timut peppercorn), Billy’s Botanicals salad burnett, Lust for Life “Moi Moi” Date Syrup (dates, water, goron tula seed, maca, tiger nut, black seed, tongkat ali), SOS Chefs passion berries, Filipino Forager Chicken of the Woods mushroom & meadow garlic salt, PET PET Flower Power (hibiscus, chili, pink peppercorn, salt, citric acid, & sugar)

5 fl oz. Best by 02/25/2025

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