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Greg's Famous

#439 Zanclean Fields

#439 Zanclean Fields

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A sharp & oddly familiar sauce with idyllic flavor and diabolical intentions. Beefy BBQ-y boldness gives a backbone to crisp & divine green sauce, with always-popular schmedium-high heat.

Suggested pairings: Caribbean dishes, Ethiopian dishes, burritos

5/10 heat

Ogeechee River Farm green Aleppo peppers, reverse-osmosis water, Kindlewood Farm green scotch bonnet peppers, Savannah Citrus grapefruit & tangerine juice, Greg’s Own jalapeno-muscadine wine, sea salt, Sour Flower Vinegar Indian Rose (loquat vinegar, rose petals), Greg’s Own Caviar Lime Kosho (Savannah Citrus caviar limes, kosher salt, Sour Flower lychee-lavender vinegar, Greg’s chocolate viper pepper, SOS Chefs Timut peppercorn, Narcissus Oolong (Shui Xian) tea, Brundo Spice Co. Matafecha (shai kimem [cinnamon, cloves, cardamom], nigella seed, ginger, garlic, caraway seed, black pepper) & Mitmita (bird's eye chili pepper, black cardamom, nigella seed, clove, ginger, cinnamon, salt), Mallory O’Donnell’s foraged sumac, Turtle Island Za’atar (foraged spice blend) & bergamot leaf, PET PET Smoky Espelette BBQ (piment d’ville espelette chile pepper, coriander, allspice, pink peppercorn, coffee, garlic, sugar, salt), Filipino Forager Chicken of the Woods mushroom & meadow garlic salt, SOS Chefs passion berries

5 fl oz. Best by 01/11/2025

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