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#414 Mahabhaya

#414 Mahabhaya

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Friendly and seductive, with stacked flavor and heat that keeps on giving. Named for a Shaivist Hindu nature spirit of generousity, and also referring to times of great disaster, the elegant richness of tangerine juice, local tomato & smokey plum extract provide a elysian environment for full-bodied heat. Foraged curry blend, deeply umami koji ghost pepper salt, & bright herbal complexity envoke immediate devotion.

Suggested pairings: sandwiches, ramen, pastries

8.5/10 heat


Berry Farm tomatoes, spring water, apple cider vinegar, tangerine juice, Gannon Organics scotch bonnet & Carolina reaper peppers, sea salt, Ogeechee River Garden Mr. Lumpy peppers, Carolina reaper peppers, West Indies red habanero peppers, Bolivian coriander & huacatay, Sri Lankan roasted chili powder, Greg’s Own plum pit extract (Mezcal Verde Amarás, grain alcohol, plums, salt), Diaspora Co. Guntur Sannam chilli, Sirarakhan chilli, & Bindu black mustard, Fox Among Bears “Koji Bhut Hurt Salt” (koji smoked ghost peppers, spicebush, ramps, sumac, wild rose, koji citrus, honey powder, Maillard date seed, salt, koji yaupon leaf, magnolia blossom, mountain mint), Ogeechee River Bay Farmstead sage, B. Baptiste’s lemongrass, B. Gonet’s ghost peppers, Mallory O’Donnell’s foraged hot curry blend (green spicebush, bayberry, black mustard seed, pickly ash, sanam & karnataka byadagi chiles), SOS Chefs timut peppercorn

5 fl oz. Best by 08/28/2024

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