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#413 Hot Cuppa Sludge

#413 Hot Cuppa Sludge

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Sultry and sludgy, with the rich appeal of black garlic, banana vinegar, tamarind, heating it up with chocolate superhot peppers that’ll have you saying “cacao!” The classic combination of coffee and tangerine juice has a sleepover with a kiss of Savannah's Own Lust for Life “Moi Moi” date syrup.

Suggested pairings: mac & cheese, burgers, gyros, try it on anything!

9/10 heat


apple cider vinegar, tangerine juice, Ogeechee River Garden chocolate lava reapers, darkness cachucha, habanada charita, & West Indies red habanero peppers + Ethiopian basil, Gannon Organics cayenne & red jalapeno peppers, Berry Farm blueberries, sea salt, banana vinegar, M. Myers’s puma peppers, chocolate naga viper peppers, & chocolate 7 pot peppers, black garlic, Ogeechee River Bay Farmstead purple basil, tamarind concentrate, cascara (coffee cherry tea), Lust for Life “Moi Moi” Date Syrup (dates, water, goron tula seed, maca, tiger nut, black seed, tongkat ali), SOS Chefs passion berries, Perc “Jairo Arcila passion fruit - Colombia” coffee, Tusk Coffee Rub (ground coffee, Kosher salt, maple sugar, cumin, garlic, oregano, onion, smoked paprika, cajun spices, chili powder, cacao powder), Xocolla cacao powder (Maranon, Peru), Burlap & Barrel wild mesquite

5 fl oz. Best by 08/28/2024

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