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Greg's Famous

#392 Benthic Blood

#392 Benthic Blood

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Salty, tangy retribution creeps up slowly for the acts of sting rays against crustaceans & humans (namely, Steve Irwin) alike

Suggested pairing: oysters, fish tacos, empandas, arepas

8.5/10 heat



rice vinegar, jalapeno peppers, organic lemon juice, sea moss gel (water, Ivanhoe Organics Bocas Del Toro sea moss, sea salt, TART ocean vinegar (kombu, bladderwrack, and Irish sea moss), Vietnam roasted dried sting ray, Yakima applewood smoked salt, Tasty Farm white ghost peppers, Greg’s Own extracted buddha’s hand (Buddha’s hand citron, grain alcohol), Ellie’s Best blue spirulina, Billy’s Botanicals golden fennel, beets, & dill, dulse leaf, Greg’s Own x Jaboticaba Miami jaboticaba extract (grain alcohol, jaboticaba), Loco Box “Sweetgum” CBD hemp, Diaspora Co. (Karnatka, India) wild ajwain

1.7 fl oz. Best by 04/20/2024

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