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#376 Babushka

#376 Babushka

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A sauce wild enough for your babushka, with flavors from the old country and beyond. Warm and friendly, with all the veggies you need to grow up strong as an ox!

Suggested pairings: mashed potatoes, roasted veg or chicken, starchy comfort foods

1/10 heat


apple cider vinegar, organic beets, organic horseradish, Billy’s Botanicals carrots, dill, sage, & bronze fennel, organic parsnips, water, sea salt, 4 Roots Farm aglio rosso & Chinese pink garlic, Meli’s Flora Four Thieves Vinegar (organic apple cider vinegar, lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme, & garlic), alder smoked salt, Diaspora Co Bindu black mustard, old bay seasoning (salt, celery seed, spices (including red pepper & black pepper), and paprika), Mallory O’Donnell’s khmeli suneli

5 fl oz. Best by 02/23/2024

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