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#369 Morning Sludge - 8/10 heat

#369 Morning Sludge - 8/10 heat

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A low-brow and lovable tribute to the most important meal of the day and the trashiest beer collab in town - Two Tides Brewery x  Tittybats "Forever Trash" sour beer serves as the inspiration point, brewed with blueberry muffins & Cap'n Crunch cereal, plus orange juice and maple syrup. Ready to wake you up with a slap of habaneros, a bit of baby bananas and black sapote give a sludgy smoothie for the yellow ghost peppers to hide behind. A shmear of "Everything but the Bagel" salt from Fox Among Bears, a sprig of sage, and a sprinkle of applewood smoked salt bring it on home. Not recommended for those with food allergies ! It's too trashy!

8/10 heat



apple cider vinegar; habanero peppers; Two Tides Brewing x Tittybats “Forever Trash” sour beer (water, hops, barley, orange juice, maple syrup, Captain Crunch Cereal [corn flour, sugar, oat flour, brown sugar, palm and/or coconut oil, salt, reduced iron, yellow 5, niacinamide, yellow 6, bht (to preserve freshness), thiamin mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, folic acid], Blueberry Muffins [muffin mix (flour, sugar, vegetable oil. baking powder, salt, shortening [palm and or palm kernel oil. canola and modified palm oils, dextrose, artificial flavour, dry skim milk, dried albumen. yeast, citric acid, xanthan gum, sodium stearoyl lactate, sodium aluminum phosphate, mono and diglycerides), blueberries, liquid albumen and yolk, canola oil. water, flour.]); kosher salt; baby bananas; black sapote; Hill Country Hot Peppers dried yellow ghost peppers; Yakima applewood smoked salt; Billy’s Botanicals’ sage; Fox Among Bears’s “Everything but the Bagel” koji salt (poppy seed, black sesame, sesame, chanterelle salt, garlic, shallot, ramp, onion powders); PERC instant coffee (Brazil)

5 fl oz. Best by 06/06/2023

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