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#367 Moonbloom - 6/10 heat

#367 Moonbloom - 6/10 heat

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A deep cerulean dive into glowing floral depths, a mash of grapefruit juice blended with guanabana, guava, and dragon fruit set the tone for sugar rush & white ghost peppers to cast a lingering swelter. With more blooms than a zazzy flower print button-up, pops of lavender salt, butterfly pea oxymel and fresh viola petals give a subtle ultraviolet aura, with lotus root, calendula and lemon verbena brewing a soothing elixir. 

6/10 heat


guanabana (soursop); Tasty Farms white ghost & sugar rush peppers; SAV local white & pink grapefruit juice; apple cider vinegar; white guava; Ecuadorian dragon fruit; water; Meli’s Flora Sweet Pea Oxymel (organic apple cider vinegar, local honey, lemon balm, & butterfly pea flowers); lotus root; Billy’s Botanicals viola petals & calendula; Ellie’s Best blue spirulina; K. Hornung’s lavender salt; Mallory O’ Donnell’s pusuki seed; organic lemon verbena

5 fl oz. Best by 01/15/2024

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