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#368 Ko Morakot - 5/10 heat

#368 Ko Morakot - 5/10 heat

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A timeless, and Thai inspired, elegant emerald dream in a bottle, this brings gorgeous floral citrus into your realm. Fragrant Buddha's Hand citron & calamansi combine with lemongrass vinegar and citrus basil to give bright lemon drop and serrano peppers an alluring appeal. Starfruit, heirloom garlic, foraged curry, cilantro, and more secrets abound. 

5/10 heat


apple cider vinegar; Mexican serrano peppers; Ogeechee River Garden lemon drop peppers; water; Kosher salt; sea moss; Datu Puti Sukang Maasim Vinegar (distilled vinegar, water, onion, hot pepper, & garlic); Buddha’s Hand syrup (Buddha’s Hand citron, water, Wild light honey); starfruit; Calamansi syrup (K. Hornung’s calamansi, water, raw sugar); TART lemongrass vinegar; Billy’s Botanicals cliantro & citrus basil; 4 Roots Farm aglio rosso & Chinese pink garlic; Mallory O’Donnell’s heatless wild curry (cumin, Andhara & yellow mustard seed, pushki seeds, juniper, red spicebush, sweetbay magnolia, mountain mint, hemlock cones), & black pepper

5 fl oz. Best by 01/15/2024

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