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#364 Flowerpit - 9/10 heat

#364 Flowerpit - 9/10 heat

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A bouquet of blistering bhut joklia, Carolina reaper, komodo dragon, and many other local superhot peppers get in the pit with pink pineapple and raspberries, with a hit of hibiscus or two, plus a sip of mezcal to get things fired up. Lavender vadouvan salt, bright herbiage, black cap raspberry vinegar, and wild bergamot leaf give this a seductive fragrance that will lure you in until you say “When!”

9/10 heat


apple cider vinegar; Ogeechee River Garden bhut joklia, Carolina reaper, scorpion, & 7 pot red peppers; Costa Rican pink pineapple; Tasty Farm red fatalii, komodo dragon, & Carolina reaper peppers; organic Mexican raspberries; Kosher salt; water; TART black cap raspberry vinegar; Del Maguey Wild Tepextate Mezcal; SAV hibiscus; Billy’s Botanicals salad burnett & nasturtium greens; Patsy Boy floral salt (sea salt, hibiscus, lavender); Fox Among Bears’s Lavender Vadouvan Salt (fenugreek, cumin seeds, tumeric, garlic, onion, lemon zest, serrano peppers, lavender, cardamom, sea salt); Mallory O’Donnel wild bergamot leaf

5 fl oz. Best by 01/05/2024

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