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Greg's Famous

#JAM Dibromoindigo (Purple Pepper Jam)

#JAM Dibromoindigo (Purple Pepper Jam)

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Strong, satisfying heat in a smooth violet hue

Midwinter spice lurks, honey sweetness comes thru

Vibrant guava & blueberries have the heat turned up by a smattering of ghost peppers for a jam that'll be The Jam all winter! Experience the purple and popular fiery princess of our heart before they're all betrothed! 

Suggested pairings: cream cheese, charcuterie boards, as a marinade for chicken or pork, or on ice cream

8/10 heat


reverse-osmosis water, white guava, Luke’s Meyer lemon juice, Savannah Hydroponic white ghost peppers, Greg’s Own x Semilina x Wild Light pinyan pine cone honey, Savannah Citrus pink grapefruit juice & dehydrated citrus, Hardage Homestead blueberries, Bee Friendly Austin creamed raw honey (wildflower honey, habaneros, serranos, jalapenos), Sour Flower Jaboticaba vinegar, citrus pectin, butterfly pea flower, PET PET Flower Power (hibiscus, chili, pink peppercorn, salt, citric acid, sugar), Wade Made Ferments muscadine grape sugar, Mallory O’Donnell’s sakura salt, Burlap & Barrel allspice, smoked cardamom, & cinnamon verum, monocalcium phosphate

7.75 fl oz. Best by 07/11/2024

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